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Mt. Kalatungan Range Natural Park (MKaRNP) has an estimated area of 55,692 hectares (ha), of which 24,732.18 hectares consist of the protected area while approximately 30,889.25 hectares make up the buffer zone. The entire park covers Valencia City and the three municipalities of Pangantucan, Talakag, and Maramag, all in Bukidnon province. A total of 21 barangays surround the park. MKaRNP was declared as a protected area with a natural park category under the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) through Presidential Proclamation No. 305 issued in May 2000.
Mt. Kalatungan is a volcanic mountain range composed of volcanic and pyroclastic rocks, silicic, fine grained andesite domes and dike ridges found along crest and upper slopes. With this geologic characteristics of Mt. Kalatungan, dike ridges of the area are very steep. The park is prone to geologic hazards due to its volcanic features, geographic location and volcanic eruptions. It is susceptible to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides and erosion. While it has been excluded from active list of volcanoes in the Philippines, PHIVOLCS has not issued any guarantee that it will not erupt in the future.
Mt. Kalatungan’s peak is the fifth highest in the country, with an elevation of 2,907 meters above sea level (masl). It is blessed with diversified flora and fauna, hidden lakes, pygmy forest and countless waterfalls among with these identified waterfalls are the following: Migtambol Falls and Kata-kata Falls located at Barangay New Eden; and Kaayatan Falls located at Barangay Nabaliwa. It is regarded 9/10 in terms of climb difficulty and rains most of the time. It is prohibited to climb without a permit. Permit fee is Php 300/climber, the payment to be transacted in the Municipal Treasurer’s Office. Other fees include mountain guide at Php 400/day, porter at Php 400/day, and a sweeper Php 400/day which is mandatory for every 10 persons to ensure that no one is left behind and most importantly no garbage or no dangerous objects left to. Payments for the local guides/porters/sweepers are given directly to them after they have rendered their services. One live chicken, bottle of wine, coin/s per climber, strips of red, black and white cloth are the materials required for the ritual for every group. It is also required to buy a seedling/climber at Php 20.00 in the barangay and plant to the area that will be

assigned by the local guide. Drinking of liquors is strictly prohibited during the visit. Monetary sanctions and banning will be the possible consequences if ever caught.