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Take some time out, find peace and tranquility with its magnificent natural beauty located in Barangay Pigtauranan. 18 km away from Poblacion with established access road for 4x4 vehicles and motorcycles. It is a tectonic lake which has an area of around 36 hectares and an estimated depth of 80 feet. The lake is situated at the foot of Mount Kalatungan Mountain Range. The lake is a sacred place to the tribe. It is also believed to be enchanted. According to the native folks, there used to be 24 islets adorning the wonderful lake. To date, only three islets stand. The lake supplies fishes like tilapia, gurami, carp, mudfish and catfish. The locals also produce Kape Napalit, freshly roasted ground coffee with a taste of Robusta and Arabica. There are also bead works, native bags, mats and accessories hand made by the locals.