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Municipal Mayor Office

Municipal Mayor Office


  • Exercise General supervision and control over all programs, projects, services and activities of the municipal Government;
  • Enforce all laws and ordinances relative to the governance of the municipality and the exercise of its corporate powers, implement all approved policies, programs, projects, services and activities of the municipality;
  • Initiate and maximize the generation of resources and revenues and apply the same to the implementation of the development plans, programs and objectives;
  • Ensure the delivery of basic services and the provision of adequate facilities; and
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by laws or ordinances.
  • Appoint all officials and employees whose appointments are not otherwise provided for in the code.
  • Promote linkages/partnership to concerned agencies locally and globally.
  • Examine the books, records and other documents of all offices, officials, agents or employees of the Municipalities.
  • Represents LGU in conferences, seminars, symposiums and the signing of agreements/documentation upon authorization.
  • Creates/ formulates local special bodies and standing/coordinating committee.
  • Issues memorandum, order, circular administrative and other special permits.
  • Acts on leave applications and commutation of all officials.


We visualize Pangantucan as an ideally developed Agro-Industrial Municipality fully equipped with infractracture Facilities and support services...


The Principal Mission of the Municipal Government of Pangantucan is to promote the well being of the profile through attaintment of the Major...



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